Machinery & Parts Export ("Mapex" / was built on the tradition of providing a level of service to our customers and stakeholders that is unmatched in our industry. The Mapex Foundation was a natural offspring from the core business for the founders of Mapex, as we seek to achieve the same results in our philanthropic endeavors; which is quite simply to have a meaningful impact on the lives we touch each day. In our community, in your community, and throughout the globe.

GOAL #1 – to meaningfully impact the lives of people in the communities we operate in.

It is from this ideal that we strive to improve communities by focusing on a few key overarching initiatives, mainly farming & sustainable development, healthcare, and education.


The Mapex Foundation is committed to making a brighter future in anyway it can. To that end we have lead, participated in, or funded numerous initiatives that seek to improve individuals and communities in a positive and socially responsible manner.

These vary from supporting local sports teams and community events, contributing to national and international disaster relief efforts, hosting dental hygiene clinics, and much more ... With over JA$8,000,000 invested in our local and international communities in just the past decade, 80+ scholarships to secondary school students, helping to provide dental care to over 400 kids and adults who have otherwise never been to a dentist, rebuilding or adding to 3 schools, and so much more, we are excited about the fact that we are still just beginning ... Contact us and learn how you can join our team of partners who simply care about making an impact!